The role of the Psycho-psysical Support System

Every year

we hold a 3-Day Seminar for Alexander Teachers

at the beginning of September

under the title

“Expand Your Awareness of Self”

Dates for 2018 to be announced 





Comments from some of the participants  


“. . .when you spoke about safety on the first day I knew how very important–crucial–this is for me. To feel safe and be able to trust, to feel really able to be loved is so touching for me. Thank you both very much.” Enrique 


“This work here was so crucial for my personal development. It covered a lot of missing links. Your work demystified the Alexander technique and allowed me to feel that knowledge is about experience.” Peter 


“Here I’ve learned how to really work from the ground up. This helps me to go forward.” Veronika 


. . .although I did my training with you it is about the embodiment of the knowledge which is important. . . this was a chance to go deeper and get some fresh inspiration and a new understanding of the core principles.” Michael 




Friday 18.00 - 20.30

Saturday 10.00 – 13.00 14.30-16.30

Sunday 10.00 – 13.30



Awareness Teaching Centre Nijmegen

Wedesteinbroek 1402

6546 RN,  The Netherlands


Cost of course:  €350,00


Participants: max  10





The Experience and Meaning of the

Psycho-Physical Support System



The Vital Role of Self-Compassion and Feeling  

in Alexander Teaching



Dynamic Breathing:  Embodying the simple yet powerful truths about natural breathing in your teaching


We warmly invite all Alexanders Teachers who are searching for

personal and transpersonal truths in their teaching practice.



Experienced practitioners of, as well as newcomers to, the

Psycho-Physical Support System and Dynamic Breathing

will be offered guidance and support.


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Bank details:

IBAN: NL12 INGB 0754 5235 19