Courses for Physiotherapists who work with Parkinson’s Disease patients

Using the Alexander Technique, we offer four modules of further education for physiotherapists who work with Parkinson patients.


We are applying to have the course recognized by the KNGF.


It is their own conscious “use of themselves” together with gentle “hands on” and verbal instruction which enables an Alexander Teacher to guide their pupil towards greater self awareness, safety and their creative control of posture and movement.

Photo: © Robert van Sluis -

Physiotherapists working with Parkinson’s patients can learn about this conscious process of improving postural and movement responses by experiencing it themselves on our specialized introduction courses. We work individually and in the group. The individual work is observed by the participants and then reflected on, clarified and practiced by each member in the group under our supervision and guidance.


Basically we are working with the neuroplasticity of the brain, encouraging new pathways and connections in the brain which, in the case of Parkinson’s patients, enables non damaged parts of the brain to take over functions of damaged parts.

Photo: © Robert van Sluis -

The overall theme is embodiment and communication.


The aim of the course is to improve the posture and therefore the touch of the physiotherapist so that their work with patients is less tiring physically and even more effective.


Module one: 5 hours. Outer support for the body and the Alexander Technique process called “inhibition”.


Module two: 5 hours. Inner support for the body and the Alexander Technique process called “direction”.


Module three: 5 hours. Head, neck, back relationship and the unity of mind and body: an Alexander Technique process called “Primary Control”.


Module four: 5 hours. Neuromuscular Preparation for Movement and reflex facilitated posture: an Alexander Technique process called “Non- Doing”.


Throughout the four modules attention will be given to the 10 Tips voor goede Parkinsonzorg as outlined in the brochure produced by ParkinsonNet. Particular attention will be given to learning specific skills to help the patient learn how to give themselves time and space; vocal training to help the patient learn how to speak louder; how to understand and deal with the on/of phenomena; learning how the support system (as we teach it) helps with walking, sitting and standing; how to establish an atmosphere of working together and developing a sense of physical security for the patient.


Attendance at all four workshops is required.


The course is limited to maximum 10 participants.



Alexander Technique Studio Nijmegen

Wedesteinbroek 1402

6546 RN Nijmegen


We provide free tea, coffee and biscuits.


Cost: €600.00


Total number of hours for the four workshops: 20



Dates for 2015/2016 will be announced in September 2015



NL12 INGB 0754 5235 19


Account name: Ron Murdock en/of Nadia Kevan


There is free parking outside our studio. A good bus service runs from Nijmegen central station to within 300 meters of our house (line 2 direction Lindenholt West. Travel time 20 min).


A small shopping center is a 10 minute walk away where a baker, pizza house and a good sized Jumbo supermarket can be found.


Reasonably priced bed and breakfast accommodation in Nijmegen is available on request.