Physical Co-ordination


Dynamic Breathing

Using the Psycho-Physical Support System, it is extremely easy to develope a way of breathing based entirely on how the body works–how it wants to work. When the muscles of the back, chest and abdomen are no longer being used to hold us up they are free to react to the stimulus of breathing out. They react in the same co-ordinated way that they do when we laugh, sneeze, cough or cry. We don’t have to think about them. They just react.


Breathing out is the secret of being able to breathe in easily. And to breathe out easily and completely, we need to be able to rely on the bones of our skeleton to support us. We achieve this by teaching the outer support, followed by the inner support. Attention is paid to the various muscles involved in breathing out and then learning how to release them very quickly. When they do release the tension (and this is good tension) which builds up during the out-breath, the in-breath comes in automatically.


Once this system is activated it is then very easy to work to co-ordinate the organ of breathing with the vocal organ and then go on to singing a chosen song, or speaking a chosen text.


We work in small groups (no larger than 10) with at least one of our graduates (or one of our senior students) assisting so that everyone gets the benefit of what we call “hands on” – guidance throughout the various processes by gentle, educated and directed hands.


In our workshops there is always time given for individual work while the other participants observe. The atmosphere is light and easy, and amateur as well as professional singers find that in one weekend they can make significant changes in their understanding–and execution of singing.