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Asa Mori

“The training with Ron and Nadia based on psycho-physical support system was both theoretically and practically very precise and clear for me. It helps enormously my Alexander teaching now. I also love their hands-on work which gives me a deep mental calmness.

What I learned and experienced on the training course is a great treasure for my life."

Teaching cities: Cologne, Dusseldorf, Bergisch Gladbach, Tokyo, Nagoya



Richard Waltner


Located in Schiersfeld (1 hour southwest of Frankfurt)


(Sentence about myself:)

I work as a freelance musician (double bass and singing) and as an Alexander teacher. I am thankful for having three children which show me how ease of movement looks like. 


(Sentence about ATCN)

Looking back, my stay at ATCN layed the foundation of a continuing learning process. I am grateful for the excellent tools I received there, in a calm atmosphere of excellent work. Nadia and Ron both not only taught us the principles of the Alexander-Technique in an uncompromising way, but also taught us just by being the personalities they are. I enjoyed in particular, that they were always ready to show or explain things as clearly as possible, thereby enabling us to explore things on our own. Ron's vocal work has brought me back to voice again and Nadia's focus on movement has showed me a path or rediscovery.

Michael Weyck

Dipl.-Musikpädagoge - Gitarre & E-Gitarre

Lehrer der F.M. Alexander-Technik (ATVD)


Rudolf-Schmitz-Weg 23

48165 Münster



(02501) 929 04 42

(0178) 142 87 82

The Netherlands

Ivan Lukic



Jo-Anne Vissers



Mendy Bosch



Petra Polman



Frank Scheffler

Bad Nauheim


Anna Kopperschmidt



Martina Pille